Friday, April 8, 2011

Genre Confusion

I know you're probably wondering what could be so confusing. I mean, I wrote the darn book. I should know better than anyone where it would fall on bookshelves. But, I don't. It's hard to pick the right category when new genres seem to sprout everyday. Hell, I even read about a category called Paranormal Fantasy. What the hell is that?

Anyway, my genre choices are between YA Paranormal and YA Urban Fantasy. And I think I'm gonna have to go with Urban Fantasy. From everything I've read, my novella would fall into that category. It involves fantastical creatures, faeries, in the normal human world. There is some romance, but it's not the focus of the story. Now what concerns me is the fact that most YA UF novels seem to be told in first-person, while mine is in third. :-/

On to other news, SHIMMERSPELL has been beta read and edited. I'm gonna listen to it on my kindle and read through it a few more times, and then it'll be ready to publish. :-) What did I learn from my beta readers? Well, I can be quite long-winded at times. I have this ongoing love affair with wild similes. And my voice is golden. This of course made me smile from ear to ear.

Oh and did I mention that one of my beta readers was Lisa M. Cronkhite, who is an amazing writer and oh so helpful. She actually suggested that I query SHIMMERSPELL and try to find an agent. I, of course, thought about it, but I'm still going to try my hand at self publishing. I think I can do it and I'm so excited to try. I already have the cover made and I figured out all the html blah blah blah. So yeah, SHIMMERSPELL will probably be available soon.


  1. Genre confusion - that's understandable :) You're right when you say there's so different genres (and cross-genres) hitting the shelves nowadays...
    Ah, and to add, I wish Shimmerspell tons of luck :)

  2. I had some confusion with my first book, and my agent ended up calling it "women's fiction."

    Good luck with the self-pub, and I can't wait to see the cover!

  3. You both made me feel so much better. I seriously don't understand why picking one genre is so difficult. And thanks for the luck. :)