Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Sales and More Nixie Nails

Those of you who have already read Shimmerspell will know who this represents. :o)

Products used:
Cosmetic sponge
Wet n Wild - Wild Shine in Caribbean Frost
Orly - It's Up to Blue
Sephora by OPI - Teal we meet again
Orly - Shine on Crazy Diamond (silver glitter)
OPI - Dazzle Me (green glitter)

I know I've been kind of quiet these past few days. Honestly, I've been sleeping. A lot lol. And when I'm not dead to the world, I'm working on novella number 2 and its cover art. Yes, you heard me. I've decided to try my hand at creating my own book cover, which I'll show you very soon, maybe even tomorrow. Oh and it you follow me on goodreads, you know that I've also started reading Eternal Hearts by Jennifer Turner, which was recently released on kindle.

Also, I know some of you are wondering about my sales for the month of April, so here it goes:

From April 8th to April 30th
Amazon US - 43
Actual number - 35 (excluding the books bought by relatives and the ones I gifted to book bloggers)
Amazon UK - 4
Smashwords - 1

It's not a lot compared to more well known self pubbed authors, but it's a start and I'm happy about it. Hopefully that number will grow each month to come. :)

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