Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Chances to Win Shimmerspell

Want to win your own ebook copy of Shimmerspell?

Well, you have two opportunities to do so by heading on over to Tiger's All-Consuming Books and Paranormal Opinion.

Rules to enter for Tiger's Giveaway:
Mandatory entry: +1 Leave a comment with your contact email
Optional entry: +2 For following All-Consuming Books
The winning name will be drawn on May 8th, so don't miss out!

Rules to enter for Tishia (Paranormal Opinion):
Comment on the review with your name and email. It's an awesome book blog so be sure to follow her. (This is not required, but I'm sure you'll love her honest reviews.) The contest will run until May 11th, and winners will be announced on May 12th. So hurry up before it's too late!


  1. I was searching for you (saw a review on another blog and the book looked awesome!) on Google and this came up, someone's letting people download it illegally. Thought you should know...

  2. ComaClam, I'm actually the one letting people download it illegally lol. It's only three chapters/12 pgs.

    But thank you! It's nice to know that if something sketchy was happening, people like you would actually let me know. :)