Thursday, June 23, 2011

Limerick Excerpt

So I woke up this morning and said, "Hey self. It's time for you to post an excerpt from Limerick. Get it done!" So that's what I'm doing now. Hope you guys like it.

Limerick: A Faerie Tale Girl Novella excerpt:

One week later …

Jensen walked barefoot along the pier, confused as to how she had gotten there, yet unable to turn back. Every now and then, the wind would pick up, ruffling the hem of her flimsy gown while tangled strands of black and violet hair slapped against her cheek.

She shivered, but continued dragging one foot in front of the other, wincing each time the damp wood creaked under her weight.

Something didn’t feel right. A hazy gray film dressed the morning sky and the smell of burnt marshmallows filled her nose instead of salt. But like a zombie, she crept forward until the tips of her toes met the splintered edge of the pier. And slowly, she lowered her gaze.

A girl floated in the water like a lily maid, her arms crossed over her chest and a linen handkerchief draped across her face. Long black hair fanned out around her like spindly seaweed, a startling contrast with the ivory of her pleated gown.

Unable to stop herself, Jensen dropped down, reaching out as far as she could to remove the death veil. In the back of her mind, she knew it was stupid. A smarter person would have turned around and run for help, but she had to know, needed to see it for herself.

As soon as her fingers brushed the scalloped edge of the handkerchief, the material dissolved into tiny pearls, spilling down the girl’s face and into the water like bath beads.

Jensen’s breath hitched in her throat, not because of the strange disappearing act the handkerchief had just pulled, but because of the face it revealed in the process. The girl in the water—the lily maid—was her.

The nixie’s eyes popped open the same time her lips parted.
“There once was a girl of the sea
Who refused to see who she could be.
The strength of a world
In the hands of a girl
Consumed by the curse of the three.”

Her voice was nothing more than a whisper, yet it echoed in the silence, branding the strange words onto Jensen’s soul. Then her mouth stretched wide, becoming a dark chasm of wildly dancing shadows.

A scream ripped through Jensen as she pushed herself back, scrambling to her knees. But it was far too late. Because the shadows of smoke had already leapt from the nixie’s mouth and into her own.

Limerick: A Faerie Tale Girl Novella, #2
Coming July 2011


  1. I didn't think I could be more excited for this, but now I totally am! Ahhhhhh I so can't wait!

  2. And I can't wait for you to read it! :)

  3. YAY! I can't wait to read this one :D I liked the little song too.