Monday, June 6, 2011

Music I'm Loving

1+1 by Beyonce

I absolutely love this song. So beautiful and Beyonce sounds amazing on it! I know some of you probably don't like her, but I think she's so talented. The bluesy/soulful quality of 1+1 is pretty much the sole reason I'm interested in her new album. Here's the live rehearsal version Jay Z recorded, which I like better than the studio version. Enjoy!


  1. This lyrics sounds like the early works of Alicia Keys. I like it :)

    - EEV

  2. Well, I am not a huge fan of Beyonce, but she does sound good here. I liked her more when she was with Destiny's Child...but she outgrew that and moved on. I can respect that. :)

  3. @EEV - Now that you mention it, yeah they do. I need more songs like that.

    @Shawna - I love Destiny's Child!!! I hope they reunite for a new album.