Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lore: A Faerie Tale Girl Prequel has been published.

Hopefully, it'll be live on Amazon sometime tomorrow. It's a short story, 3500 words/210 kindle locations. I have to tell you guys upfront that it will be priced at $.99 on Amazon. I know that sucks for a single short story, but Amazon won't let me go any lower.

Good News Alert: You can download the ebook in various formats for free if you get it from smashwords. Here's the link: I really hope you guys like Lauren's story. Here's the cover & blurb:

Long before Lauren escaped to the mortal realm and fell in love with Dermott, she was simply known as Lore, the daughter of Morgen Le Fae. This short tale covers the role she played in the betrayal and murder of the Lady of the Lake.

ETA: It's available on Amazon. That was fast. :)