Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So I decided I needed a blog. Why, you may ask, would I need one? Well dear internet friends, I want to be a writer. A working writer. For the past year I've been working on a YA novel -- The Faerie Tale Girl, which after 2 or 3 revisions and a change in POV, whittled down to become a 21,000 word novella.

After reading about Amanda Hocking and Zoe Winters, I'm considering going the indie route and publishing it on Kindle. I know, I know. It's gonna be a ton of work. Why would I put myself through this? Well, I like the idea of doing it my way. Choosing my own cover. Building my own platform. And to be honest, it would be difficult to find an agent for a novella. Since I believe in my story, indie publishing is looking like my best bet for getting it out there to the masses. But to launch a career as an indie author, I need to build a platform, hence the the need for this bloggythingy here.

Now first things first, I kinda suck when it comes to social networking. But I'll do my best to update a couple times a week, and keep you in the loop about my plans for the novella.

So please stop by often, follow me, and feel free to comment. I'll be posting more info abt TFTG soon!

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