Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well, it looks like I'm already starting to suck in regards to updates. Sorry! I'll try to do better next time. What's going on with me? Well, I've changed the name of the novella to Shimmerspell and decided that The Faerie Tale Girl will be the name of the series. Shimmerspell is currently out with some awesome betas to make sure the story reads well and to point out problems I may be missing as the blind author.

I also had a book cover made, which I'll show you very soon. It's gorgeous and it fits a particular scene of the story perfectly. At first, I'd planned to just make one myself, but I gave it some thought and decided against it. Appearance is everything. Sad, but true. And unless you're my fave author already, I'm gonna first judge your book by its cover, then by its description. I don't usually read reviews because I don't want to happen upon spoilers. But my interest in reading is almost always due to the cover. And I wanted mine to be professional and attention catching, like the ones I pick on Amazon. I'm so happy because I think I have that now. :)

This next bit of news isn't about me, but one of my fave authors, Jennifer Turner. I'm so excited because she's supposed to be releasing Eternal Hearts this June. I've been waiting for this book for what seems like forever. For all those who haven't checked out her first one, Eternal Seduction, rush off to Amazon and read read read. I promise you won't be disappointed. It's dark and gritty and funny and filled with awesomeness lol. It really is.

And that's about it. I will update you all as soon as I have more info. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to typeset this novella. So far I've learned that Word is not going to cut it. I've downloaded scribus, but I'm kind of confused. I really want to have this done before my 27th birthday, April 20. Just seeing my book on Amazon will be an amazing gift. Then I can say look mommy, I'm a real author lol. Even if it is self-published. :o)


  1. Looks like your blogging is off to a beautiful start! I love the background, and I'm looking forward to seeing your title. Congrats on the decision to go forward, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better! :)

  2. Thanks so much LisaAnn, and I look forward to that as well.